How our HR recruiting service works

This is a service of KIWI@HOME Immigration Advice which aims to smoothly connect employers to migrant workers and migrant workers to jobs in New Zealand.

The unique feature about this service is that only jobs from employers who are willing to support the worker's visa are listed and the initial job matching is done from an immigration perspective. Only workers who will likely meet the criteria for a work or residence visa will be introduced to the employer for an interview. This aims to save everyone time and effort because nothing is more frustrating than thinking you have found the perfect opportunity only to be denied a visa.

Business owners list their jobs for free! There is absolutely no charge for business owners but you must be willing to sponsor the successful applicant's visa. We will help with all the immigration process, so it is an easy step.

  • There is no extra risk to employers in sponsoring a migrant workers visa as the legal status of the workers is checked and organised by a licensed immigration adviser. The conditions of the workers visa apply to the worker and not to the employer. These conditions will be explained clearly to the employer on approval of the visa.
  • The employer also has access to advise from the immigration adviser about their workers visa
  • There is no extra cost to employers as the applicant engages the immigration adviser to process their application
  • We refer potential employees for jobs as long as they remain unfilled.

Workers can join for a one-off fee of $250. This fee is a single payment for joining the service and membership lasts until employment is found. Once workers are no longer looking for work in New Zealand, membership naturally lapses. 

  • Fee includes a professional assessment of immigration potential and job matching based on a licensed immigration advisers assessment of the worker's potential for a visa
  • The fee does not include any INZ fees or professional fees for visa applications
  • Workers' information will be sent to as many employers within our system as necessary until work is found.
  • Job matching and contacting employers will be done by us, but workers need to attend the interview and so on themselves.


Job listings

Job listings will not be searchable, instead all job information and workers' information information will be held in a secure database and we will do the searching for you. Workers sign up and upload their information to the database as well. When potential matches are found we send the worker's information to the employer to arrange for an interview.

We will only send the information relevant to the job application, and the rest of the applicant's information will be kept private. The information will be sent to employers 

The interview

If the employer feels that the worker might be right for their position, they will contact the worker and arrange for an interview. It is up to the worker to attend the interview and show the employer that they would be right for the job. If the interview is successful, the employer will notify us and we will arrange for the appropriate visa for the worker to come to New Zealand and start working as soon as possible.


We are licensed immigration advisers, and can assist both employers and employees with the details of NZ immigration law. Job introduction does not constitute legal immigration advice and the range of services included in the worker's membership fee does not extend to legal assistance. However, if the worker does not have a valid visa, their visa application can be professionally prepared by us for our usual fee. A professionally prepared application provides peace of mind for both the employer and employee as neither will want to waste time with long delays or potential visa declines. There is never any guarantee that a visa will be accepted by INZ, but a professionally prepared application is more likely to be accepted than otherwise.

Once a visa is approved, the worker may come to New Zealand, if they are not here already, and start working. We will advise both workers and employers about all the inns and outs of the process and rights and obligations with INZ for a smooth hiring and settlement process.